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The Only 100% British Made Plasma Pen

The Plasma Elite II ®

Plasma Elite Pen

Ground breaking technology that lifts and tightens loose skin, especially focusing on the eyelids and facial areas. Instant results. Perfect also for skin imperfections such as skin tags and Milia.

Industry-Leading Plasma Pen Device

Our British manufactured Plasma Pen device is a proven solution, compared to other expensive skin tightening treatments. Full training is delivered by our expert team, whilst also providing continual support.


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Plasma Elite Pen In Stand

What can Plasma Elite ® treat?

Excess eye bags and eyelids

Crepey neck and décolleté

Skin lesions (suitable scar tissue)

Lines, wrinkles, lips and forehead

Acne Scarring

Skin tags and more

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Who are Plasma Elite?

Meet Fran, Bridget and Dawn, the driving force behind Plasma Elite ® each with over 40 years experience in the health and beauty industry.


Request a treatment as a model

If you would like to arrange a treatment session in our training sessions then please contact us.


Plasma Pen Aftercare Kit

Care for you skin in 3 simple steps after your Plasma Pen treatment. Cleanse, Heal and Protect.


Plume Extractor Fan

Connect to Plasma Elite ® for precise fume extraction, or place nearby for greater pen mobility.

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